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D.A. Williams

My ancestors from Wales settled near Scranton, Pennsylvania, circa 1720, and it was not until the end of World War II that any of their descendants, including me at age 6, ventured away from that part of the country. That was when my father shocked the whole family by boldly accepting a job with a construction firm that required us to relocate to southern Indiana. That’s where I was raised. After spending ten years working in Indianapolis, Indiana, at age 31, I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where I lived until I retired in 2004 and moved to Spokane, Washington

I spent a lot of adventurous time in my childhood making up stories to tell my friends, none of which were actually true. Yet, I don’t remember anybody ever doubting me about the validity of my remarkable claims. Looking back, those tall tales must have planted the roots of my wanting to write novels and tell stories.

In school, it was my plan to pursue sports reporting as a career, but circumstances in my early adult life sent me in a different direction and I put the writing on hold. As time went by, I began to research and scribble ideas on paper, until one day, I had completed the rough draft of my first novel, "It’s Conspiracy By Any Name".

Since then, with the use of the internet and a tremendous amount of help from people in numerous organizations, namely the Spokane Authors and Self Publishers, the Post Falls Library Writers Group, and the Maryvale Branch of the Phoenix Public Library, I’ve become a self-taught accomplished writer. I’ve completed and published the novels offered here on Raccoon Press and I have eight more in progress.

Books By D.A. Williams:

Bishop`s Revenge

It`s Conspiracy By Any Name

Just An Average Dilemma

The Blue Butterfly Tattoo


K. R. Williams

K.R. Williams is a first time author who was born near Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1934. At the age of twelve, his parents moved to Indiana where he grew up. His work career started when he was hired by Caterpillar Tractor Company on May 26th, 1955. He soon entered one of the companies training programs and graduated in June of 1958. From there, he was promoted several times and accepted a machine shop supervisor`s position in management in 1965. Soon thereafter, more promotions followed and he worked in Belgium for four years, where he learned to speak French fluently. He continued in management right up until his early retirement in 1987 at the age of fifty three, retiring as a Manufacturing Engineer after thirty two years with the company.

K.R. now resides in Green Valley, Arizona with his wife Janet J. Williams, whose encouragement has been inspirational in his writing endeavors. Prior to writing a book, K.R. wrote two Christian songs which have both been sung in the church he attends.

His first book came about because of a dream. He rarely remembers any of his dreams, so the next morning he went to his computer and typed in several reminders so that he wouldn`t forget it. The next night, just as he was going to sleep, he heard a voice telling him to write a book about the dream. From that voice message, K. R. wrote his first book, which is titled "Quite A trip."

K.R. Williams has since completed a second book titled “Quite An Adventure”, which he hopes to have ready for publication later in 2016. He has also started writing a third book which will be titled, “Quite A Journey".

Books By K. R. Williams:


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By K. R. Williams

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