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The Blue Butterfly Tattoo by D.A. Williams

Chicago Police Detective Galen Robertson and his long-time partner, John Atchison, answer the call to investigate the nude body of a girl found on the beach of Lake Michigan. In addition to a strange carving on her torso, she has a concealed blue butterfly tattoo. Soon, all of the evidence points to an obsessed ex-boyfriend...but did he do it? Or, could it be he`s been set up...and if so, by whom?

Before long, the bodies of two more young women turn up, each with the same crude etching and the same blue butterfly tattoo. It`s obvious there`s a serial killer on the loose and, besides the murderer, there`s only one connection to the three victims, which leads to another very unlikely suspect.

Despite events and tribulations happening in their personal lives, Robertson and Atchison both vow to put an end to the crime spree before more victims turn up.

Category: Crime

ISBN: 978-1-4675-3538-0

Print - $ 14.95
eBook - $ 2.99

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