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Bishop`s Revenge by D.A. Williams

A Novel of Suspense, Adventure, and Drama, set in the Old West

This adventurous story is about a womanís strong will for vengeance, intertwined with a Pioneer motherís deep love and devotion. After being savagely attacked and rescuing her daughter from near death, Mayleen Bishop vows revenge against her attacker, but soon finds herself involuntarily entangled in a web of conspiracy involving the United States Cavalry.

Braving nearly insurmountable odds, she encounters grave danger, heartache, and unexpected romance during her relenting search for retaliation.

A hard-hitting tale of real grit and determination, Bishopís Revenge is dotted with humor and filled with surprises throughout. An exciting novel that will appeal to both men and women.

Category: Action/Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-4507-1434-1

Print - $ 14.95
eBook - $ 2.99

It`s Conspiracy By Any Name by D.A. Williams

A Novel of Romance, Adventure, Crime, and Suspense

OWEN J. HUNTER has recently lost his commercial building in a foreclosure sale, and soon begins to believe there was an underhanded conspiracy by a mortgage broker and his cronies to acquire the property. Convinced this is the case, Owen designs a scheme to get his property back and to put a halt to the illegal activities of those involved.

As part of his plan, he randomly contacts an escort service to covertly gain help in obtaining critical information from the brokerís files. Thatís when he and JUDY CARMELLE come together and immediately fall in love. Working (and playing) in concert, using fake identities and crafty disguises, Owen and Judy plot their own conspiracy. Traversing an extremely dangerous path, while putting their own lives in peril, they soon uncover a low-level syndicate committing high level crimes and murder. Yet, they move forward, vowing to stop the crime spree.

Category: Action/Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-4507-1435-8

Print - $ 14.95
eBook - $ 2.99

Just An Average Dilemma by D.A. Williams

A Novel of Mystery, Intrigue, and Suspense

HAROLD SMITH is quite content with his life, which has been nearly perfect for the past twelve years. He loves his wife, his two children, his home, his job, everything. Harold trusts everybodyówhen he should trust no one, because there are secrets he doesnít know about. He was furtively hand-picked for the job he loves, his wife has hidden skeletons in her closet and the company he works for doesnít really exist.

When Harold accidentally learns the truth about his employers, he also begins to discover many realities about those around him and he faces heart-wrenching decisions that create extreme danger, not only for him, but for those whom he loves as well.

While Harold persistently tries to uncover answers for why things are not as they seem, the deeper he gets, the deadlier it becomes. Still, he desperately searches to find an escape from the underworld existence he does not want to be a part of and in his search for the happy lifestyle he wants, he miraculously weaves his way into and out of one nail-biting, life-threatening situation after another.

Category: Action/Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-4507-1436-5

Print - $ 14.95
eBook - $ 2.99

QUITE A TRIP by K. R. Williams

A severely broken ankle and a murder suspect evolve into Quite a Trip.

Kase Simmons is a promising young baseball player who is certain to go high in the major league draft, until he has his potential career abruptly ended by a freak injury. At the same time, he becomes infatuated with a beautiful woman he saw at the ballpark and who becomes his fantasy. Since a baseball career now appears to no longer be an option for Kase, he attends college, where he meets a friend and, after their schooling is finished they start their own accounting practice. Following that, additional schooling teaches Kase how to be successful in the stock market and he soon accumulates a small fortune.

Meanwhile, despite fantasizing about the woman of his dreams, another woman comes along and plays a huge role in his life. However, before long, a murder takes place in Chicago and Kase is alleged to be the prime suspect when the victim is found to be the woman of Kaseís obsession. After fighting to clear himself, Kase learns of a surgical procedure which, if successful, might allow him to follow his dream to play baseball again.

Quite a Trip is a heartwarming love story that travels between many of the heartbreaks of failure and all the joys of success.

Category: Action/Adventure

Category: Action/Adventure

ISBN: 978-1-944787-26-4

Print - $ 14.95
eBook - $ N/A

The Blue Butterfly Tattoo by D.A. Williams

Chicago Police Detective Galen Robertson and his long-time partner, John Atchison, answer the call to investigate the nude body of a girl found on the beach of Lake Michigan. In addition to a strange carving on her torso, she has a concealed blue butterfly tattoo. Soon, all of the evidence points to an obsessed ex-boyfriend...but did he do it? Or, could it be he`s been set up...and if so, by whom?

Before long, the bodies of two more young women turn up, each with the same crude etching and the same blue butterfly tattoo. It`s obvious there`s a serial killer on the loose and, besides the murderer, there`s only one connection to the three victims, which leads to another very unlikely suspect.

Despite events and tribulations happening in their personal lives, Robertson and Atchison both vow to put an end to the crime spree before more victims turn up.

Category: Crime

ISBN: 978-1-4675-3538-0

Print - $ 14.95
eBook - $ 2.99

Tommy by D.A. Williams

A gripping story about an angry young man that wants to fall in love and who also wants somebody to love him in return. Failing miserably in his attempts at normal relationships, he decides to kidnap a girl and keep her locked in his basement, all for the sake of love. However, his plan soon meets with extremely shocking results.

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Category: Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-4675-3538-0

Print - $ 1.99
eBook - $ .99

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The Blue Butterfly Tattoo

By D.A. Williams

Print - $ 14.95

eBook - $ 2.99

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